• “We feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
    But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Special Events Design and its planet

Special Events Design looks for applying a coherent, efficient and human working pattern in the sense of respect to the environment. Our company has integrated Environmental Responsibility for conceiving and putting together eco-responsible events. Moreover, we use low impact materials and always consider energy and water efficiency.
Our commitment to sustaintability and ethical way of doing business is an integral part of our organisation through which we create long-term relationships and values.

Special Events Design is a collaborating company of El Cine Secreto NGO

El Cine Secreto (The Secret Cinema) is a non lucrative association registered in 2003 in Barcelona.
The aim of its founders is to make cinema available to all sectors of society and specially to those who have limited resources or possibilities to access and enjoy cinema.

Many times we find that one doesn’t need to look far away to be able to help. In Special Events Design, we try to create everlasting experiences, so the project of helping local people caught our attention and our hearts.

El Cine Secreto projects films and organizes post-film discussions in retirement houses, immigration centers and volunteer work in hospitals among other venues all around Catalonia. Moreover, the association activities also include presentations of new local directors, projection of films from other countries or cultures which are not displayed in commercial halls and workshops about multimedia as a problem solving tool.

Through the cinema, we make daily environment easier to carry and we potentiate talents while encourage tolerance and mutual respect.


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